Your Suitcase Needs You!


World Book Night has completely cleared me out of books!

World Book Night was fantastic event (read mine and N's write-ups of it on the LeedsBookClub blog) and really successful, in that we shared a lot of books with a lot of people, but the Suitcase is looking pretty diminished as a result!

A lot of people often say that they have loads of books just lying around, and that they wish they'd known about The TSL to donate!


I will take any books that you think people should read. Any genre, any period, fiction, non fiction, graphic novels, whatever.

I will also COME TO YOU. If you are somewhere I can get to on a bus, I shall bring the sad, empty suitcase and fill it. You can be safe knowing that your books are going to people who will read for pleasure, or even those who've never read for pleasure before. Who knows, your books could change someones life.

Obviously I'd much rather you donate your books to charity shops, and if I weren't so skint I'd just go round Headingley and fill up the suitcase from purchases, but I am, and have two book swaps booked this month, so I have to go hunting for donations. I promise that once I have a bit more money I will make a donation to charity so that no one misses out by your donating the books to the TSL.

If you have any books at all you can donate, please leave a comment or get in touch on twitter @bookelfleeds or email me bookelfleeds at gmail dot com. Thank you so so so so much!!!


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