The Big Fat Heathen Book Swap

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar
Arndale Centre

From About 5 ish

At this time of year we like to sit back, relax, and think deeply about the big questions. Life, the Universe and Everything might be an amusing book by Douglas Adams, but these questions such as who are we and what our point is have been puzzling philosophers, and theologians for Many Moons.

At the Travelling Suitcase Library, we see ourselves as encouraging debate, and being a Massive Heathen myself this month's book swap, advantageously falling on the Heathen festival of Eostre we would like to invite you all, Heathen and non-Heathen alike, to join in the celebration of the written word and Great Thoughts.

The Suitcase, as ever, shall be filled with Various Tomes designed to challenge and expand your world view and we would encourage others to come with expansion in mind. Anyone wanting to sit around a Talk About Things is more than welcome.

Arcadia we be serving excellent ales and lovely pies throughout, as ever.

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