Thank you Leeds Guide!

Anyone who hasn't seen it here's my interview with The Leeds Guide, fabulous people that they are

Just wanna say one thing.

You may have noticed that this blog, compared to, is a bit, shall we say, plain.

This is because I am not a blogger. I don't know anything about how the internet actually works, or how to write coded script and make it look pretty or any of that jazz. I work in libraries and I am only concerned with promoting reading for pleasure. Yes I bash out some writing occasionally because I love doing it, but it isn't who I am.

I do not run, or the @LeedsBookClub twitter feed, as it might come accross in the article. That blog is entirely down to the incredibly hard work of Avid Reader as she's known on the blog, and I really don't want anyone confusing us.

If you want to read my writing, find the pieces tagged with "BookElf", that I didn't even tag myself because I have no idea what I'm doing!

Thank you. More info on the next Book Swap coming soon. I can confirm I'll be taking the Travelling Suitcase Library to #Bettakultcha on the 1st of March though (and I promise not to have a hideous migraine this time! Sorry anyone who brought books!) so hopefully see you there!

Happy Reading!
Jess xxx

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