LS6 Beer Fest

I'm very very happy to announce that the lovely and gorgeous people at LS6 Beer Festival, running Friday 3 - Saturday 4 June in Left Bank Leeds (the big Church thing on Cardigan Road) have allowed me to run a book swap!

The Travelling Suitcase Library with of course be there, bigger than ever with the recent influx of donations (thanks as ever to @thoughtlessjoe, @saratheresaphoto, @gazpachodragon and everyone else who brought books to Book Club this Sunday). Seeing as I will be far to busy pulling pints and dancing like a loon to be on the book table all the time, it will be an incredibly informal book swap, but as ever do ask for any recomendations and BRING YOUR TOMES!!!

More info about the fest, including where to buy tickets, can be found here...

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