Guardian Book Swap

As you may have noticed, The Guardian online are running a book swap weekend. Of course, this is highly exciting and I hope shall be very successful.

Anyone wanting to actually meet other book worms, we are having our usual monthly book swap this Sunday in Arcadia Bar in Headingley from about 5ish. The book club shall be meeting (see the LeedsBookClub blog for details on that) but anyone wanting to just swap books, please come on down!

The TSL is bursting at the moment, and having just moved house I am now able to take donations yet again, so anyone clearing out their shelves, you know how much we love you... and any books that I don't think would be that great in the suitcase I'll either donate to charity, or send the children's ones to the inner city Birmingham primary school we mentioned in earlier posts!

See you Sunday!

Jess xx

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